According to a report by La Banque Postale, the tax revenue generated from local taxes in 2018 was 5 times higher than in 1986 !


The increase in local taxes levied on companies and individuals provides food for thought as to how tax treatment might be optimised.


Local tax systems are complex and include various taxes:


  • Property tax on properties and land


  • Tax based on the rental value of business premises (CFE)


  • Tax on added value (CVAE)


Other taxes are often incorrectly compared to local taxes, such as the tax on office premises, business premises and warehouses in the Ile-de-France region, the TLPE outdoor advertising tax and the TaSCom tax on retail premises. A tax is considered a local tax where the revenue generated is allocated to local authorities. 


A methodical and meticulous approach must be adopted to deal with the complex and specific matter of local taxes. We propose to identify areas where savings can be made in terms of both tax bases and calculation methods. 


We help our clients to manage their local taxes by either helping them to choose where to operate their business or advising them on the impact of their everyday operations.





  • Advice and assistance

Our team can provide you with information on the impact of your projects in terms of local taxes and help you to fulfil your reporting obligations by identifying an optimal solution from the outset.


  • Due diligence and optimisation

We can analyse your tax position with regard to your local taxes (recreation of tax bases, tax treatment verification, application of tax reductions and cancellations permitted by law or case law). Once we have completed this initial analysis, we will be able to identify tax risks and/or tax optimisation possibilities.


  • Audits and litigation

If you have paid too much tax, we can help you to obtain a refund from the tax authorities or courts.


If you are subject to a tax audit as a result of your tax base having been increased by the tax authorities, we can help you every step of the way to ensure that you are not overtaxed.