Our Firm

FareWell Tax was set up by the former tax team of a Parisian business firm.

The founders, Alexis Katchourine, Laure-Lise Giner and Jullian Hoareau, were keen to set up a niche firm that offers high value-added solutions. 


Why FareWell Tax?


We chose the word Farewell to mean ‘goodbye’ to the old methods used by traditional law firms (obscure invoicing procedures, independent and self-reliant partners, traditional organisational and technical procedures, etc.).


Farewell Tax is also a play on words that reflects our desire to free our clients of their tax issues.


Fare & Well are indicative of our fair pricing policy, as our fees are calculated according to the added value of the litigation and consultancy services we provide. 


Welcome to our new way of doing business, both in-house and with our clients. 

Our entrepreneurial and intergenerational lawyers offer their clients an innovative and multi-disciplinary approach to dealing with tax issues


We advise both company managers and family-owned groups of all sizes on how to manage their personal and business assets


Our lawyers deal with multi-disciplinary matters, covering both property and company tax issues


Our tax litigation approach enables us to home in on the issues involved in tax consultancy services. 


All of our lawyers also deal with property transactions.

To deal with matters in a precise and pragmatic manner. Whether we are advising you or assisting you with a claim, we will provide you with a clear response and our firm’s clear-cut opinion on your issue. 


To adopt a transparent and proportionate pricing strategy, to ensure that the benefit or saving generated by our clients is much higher than our fees.


To provide our clients with ongoing assistance in order to implement our proposed solutions and reply to requests for information by the tax authorities.


To assign two partners who have an in-depth understanding of your issue to work with you, thus ensuring that you have a permanent direct point of contact.


To work as a team on each and every matter, by discussing points of view and ensuring that all cases are continuously monitored. 


To collaborate with other professionals: we will liaise with your accountants, notaries, bankers and lawyers handling other tax issues for you to ensure that we are fully aware of your circumstances.


To have a pioneering vision of a tax lawyer’s work: we apply a multi-disciplinary corporate and personal, legal and tax, entrepreneurial and cost-killer approach.