Our asset management expertise is based on our skills in three areas: civil law (family and contract law) and tax law. Although the tax implications associated with your assets may be significant, we believe that family comes first. 


We endeavour to implement adequate, flexible and practical solutions. Attempts to make tax savings must not result in situations that are complex and difficult to understand. Legal and tax strategies must simply reflect the complexity of the issue involved.


When we advise our clients on how to manage their assets, we must also consider their family constraints and needs, which are discussed during meetings and over the phone. 


We work closely with our clients, helping them to ask themselves the right questions and clearly informing them of the consequences of their decisions. 





We attend to our clients’ legal and tax issues: income tax, wealth tax (IFI), capital gains, trusts, estates and gifts, international mobility, company and asset transfers. 


We work primarily in the following fields:


  • Tax and asset optimisation

We can analyse your assets and suggest areas for consideration and solutions in order to ensure that your assets are taxed appropriately.


Drawing on our experience and inventiveness, we can apply and combine various mechanisms to protect your family and assets (through sensible use of a corporate structure in France or elsewhere, subdivision of proprietary rights in various ways, investment in life insurance policies, preference shares, modification of your matrimonial property regime, use of companies in France and other countries, etc.).


  • Transfer/takeover of a family-owned company

In addition to fully understanding the best tax regimes for transfers (such as the Pacte Dutreil for example), we help our clients prepare for and monitor transfers.


Our intergenerational team can also help our clients understand the objectives of the donor and transferee in order to propose a tailored solution and assist you in the long term. 


  • Leaving/relocating to France

Our team can help and advise you on the potentially significant tax obligations and taxation issues (deferred capital gains and Exit Tax for example) associated with leaving or returning to France.


  • Ongoing assistance with your proposed acquisitions

The more assistance we provide upstream, the more able we are to offer effective and permanent solutions. We provide our clients with ongoing assistance in relation to their acquisition and property investment plans and in setting up operating companies. We will liaise with you to determine the most appropriate short- and long-term legal and tax arrangements for your project. We will also help you seek financing (by establishing a cash flow forecast and drafting a structure memo and an opinion letter for banks).


We can work alone or in liaison with your notary, banker and accountant in order to jointly identify the best solution in view of your circumstances.


All of our services include assisting our clients with their tax obligations (income tax returns, filing of tax forms, etc.).


  • Estate planning

As forward planning is key to ensuring that you pay as little tax as possible, we can provide you with ongoing assistance in order to organise your assets with a view to planning your estate in the medium or long term, without affecting your lifestyle or how you control your assets.