Our expertise in the field of corporate taxation is based on our in-depth knowledge of figures and the law: we draw on the essence of our expertise in corporate finance and company law in order to handle our clients’ tax issues.


Our knowledge of our clients’ economic circumstances helps us to understand and resolve their issues.

We consider companies as an important part of our clients’ assets and therefore adopt a 360-degree perspective, ensuring that companies are taxed in a manner consistent with their managers and shareholders and their families. 

When working for business clients, we apply the same philosophy as we do for our private clients, by being attentive to their corporate culture and family culture.





We provide our clients with ongoing assistance in relation to their company tax issues: group tax treatment, VAT, payroll tax, restructurings and acquisitions, local taxes and related taxes. 

Our experience in international taxation and our network of associates in other countries enable us to assist our French clients with their foreign business activities and investments, and our foreign clients with their business activities and investments in France.


  • Tax optimisation and risk audits

After auditing a client’s tax system, either globally or by focussing on a particular tax (VAT, payroll tax, tax consolidation), we propose inventive and secure solutions that are consistent with the culture and projects of our client’s managers. We adopt a two-fold approach, ensuring that our clients feel secure while optimising their tax treatment.


  • Corporate taxation

We assist our clients with their everyday issues (tax consolidation, cash flow agreement, tax treatment of international transactions, intra-group invoicing policy, etc.).


  • Transactions

We have expertise in managing the tax treatment of acquisitions and changes of control, and assist our clients in securing and optimising such treatment.


  • Philanthropy

We can help you with your philanthropic and sponsorship projects (associations, endowment funds, foundations, etc.), including by filing applications for a tax ruling in order to secure your establishments.


  • Restructurings

We assist our clients at all stages of their expansion by arranging the necessary restructurings. We are also proactive and use our inventiveness to our clients’ advantage. For example, we can combine companies (SA, SAS, SARL, etc.) with the shrewd use of partnerships (SCI, SNC, SCS, etc.) or even other entities (partnerships, EIGs, formal or informal grouping and associations, etc).


  • Management packages

One of our strengths is our ability to implement loyalty and incentivisation solutions for company managers. We adopt a strictly tailored approach based on said and unsaid things which make a company’s business culture. We know how to negotiate a successful long-term management package.


  • Property taxation

Our expertise in this field enables us to offer our clients long-term tax optimisation solutions.